"I believe in ALLAH, in His Angels, His Scriptures, His Prophets, the Day of Judgment, and in the fact that every thing good or bad (in the world) is pre-destined by ALLAH the Exalted, and in the resurrection after death."

ALLAH sent Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) as the last and final Prophet on the earth. No Prophet is being prophesized after Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), either in Quran and in Hadith. The chain of "Wahi", messages sent by ALLAH through Hazrat Jibreel (a.s) on Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) ended upon the death of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w) in 11th Hijri. It is the utmost fact which cannot be denied by any of a single Muslim. The one who says that ALLAH prophesizes some else for any message or any "Wahi" to be bestowed upon him/her after Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w), denies the ending of the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). That chap is not a Muslim, but a "Kafir". This is the pure belief of an every single Sunni Muslim. To be kept in mind that Shia believes in 12 Imams after Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). They claim that knowledge of the unseen belongs solely to their Imams, and it is not for the Prophet to inform us about the unseen. Some Shia's have gone so far as to claim godhead for those Imams. Their believes towards the Imams are listed below but for a information to be kept by an every Sunni Muslim is the names of their false Imams to whom they consider their everything as discussed in the chapter of "Tauheed". Those are as follows:

Ali Murtaza, Hasan, Hussain, Zain-ul-Abideen, Muhammad Al Baqar, Jaffar Sadiq, Moosa Kazim, Ali Al Ridah, Al Taqi, Al Naqi, Hassan Askari and Mehdi. 

But belief of a Shia for Imamat (false-Prophethood) is:

1. All Imams are equal in rank and status to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 270)

2. Follow the Imam when he is under the state of Taqi'ah. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 40)

3. Scriptures of God reveled to Imam. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 176)

4. We are the eyes of the God in his creature and the final authority in all human beings. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 145)

5. The Hujjat ( Ultimate proof ) of God can not be established without Imam. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 177)

6. "The declaration of Ali as Apostle hood". (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 197)

7. In the night of Power God sent yearly commandments of an Imam. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 248)

8. Imam knows his hour of death and his death is in his control. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1,Page No. 258)

9. According to Shia's nothing can remain hidden from the Imams, they have a complete knowledge of past, present and future. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 260)

10. Imam posses more attribute than a Prophet posses. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 1, Page No. 388)

11. To hide secret and to weep on the operations of Imam is Jihad. (Asool Kaafi, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 226)

12. Fourteen Imams of Shia's ( infallible ), the masters of this Universe are desecration of all Prophets and Angels. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. 2, Page No. 29)

13. Imam Mehdi recited the Sura-e-Qadar before birth. (Jila-ul-Ayoun, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 475)

14. Hazrat Hussain said "By God Muawiyah is better than Shia's, they have tried to killed me". (Al-Ehtijaj, Vol. No. 2, Page No. 290)

15. Imam Mehdi will appear nude. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Page No. 341)

16. Imam Mehdi will kill all the Sunni Scholars. (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, Page No.527)

17. Imam Mehdi will bring new Shariat and commandments. (Behar-ul-Anwaar, Vol. No. 10, Page No. 597)

18. Imam Mehdi will declare his Prophet hood. (Behar-ul-Anwaar, Vol. No. 10, Page No. 550)

19. Shia Imam Mehdi will retaliate all the sins since Hazrat Adam (a.s) period. (Basair-ud-Darajat, Page No. 83)

20. An Angel revels on Imam in the night of power Shab-e-Qadar. Page No.569.

21. The Sun will rise from the west at the time of Imam Mehdi appearance. (Chawdah Sitaray, Page No. 585)

22. Imam will appear when only forty two Momins (Shia) will be left. (Chawdah Sitaray, Page No. 571)

23. Rule of Imam Mehdi and Shia doctrine. (Chawdah Sitaray, Page No.603)

24. Self created doctrine of Shia. (Chawdah Sitaray, Page No. 602)

25. All the angels will swear the allegiance of Imam Mehdi. (Shia faith) (Chawdah Sitaray, Page No. 594)

26. Imam talks before birth (Shia faith). (Ahsan-ul-Muqaal, Vol. 1, Page No. 327) 

27. An Imam borns from Mother's thigh. (Ahsan-ul-Muqaal, Vol. 1, Page No. 325)

28. Yazeed Bin Muawiyah was the real uncle of Hazrat Ali Akbar bin Hussain (r.a). (Zabhan Azeem, Page No. 261)

29. There was no horse named Zuljinah in Karbala. (Zabhan Azeem, Page No. 223)

30. Yazeed was the name of Hazrat Hussain's son. (Tareekh-ul-Ayema, Page No. 83)

31. Abu Bakr and Umar was the names of Hazrat Hussain. (Tareekh-ul-Ayema, Page No. 83)

32. Taqi'ah is necessary and one who abundance is excluded from the religion of Imam. (Ehsan-ul-Fatawa Fee Shaeah-e-Aqaid, Page No. 26)

33. Hazrat Ali ( R.A. ) was the creature of Hazrat Jibreel. (Al Majalis Al Fakhra, Page No. 128)

34. Ali has also done Miraaj before Prophet (s.a.w). (Dewan-e-Jil Ehzan, Page No 38)

35. A rank of Ali Wilayat is higher than Prophet hood. (Hazaar Tumhari Das Hamari, Page No. 52)

36. Imam possess authority to declare any thing lawful or unlawful. (Khilaqat-e-Norania, Page No. 155)

37. All Prophets were awarded prophet hood after the acceptance of Ali Wilayat. (Tareekh-e-Shia, Page No. 18)

38. Imamat is divine rank like Prophethood, he should be infallible every political in universe is subject to his command and obedience. (Tohfa Namaz-e-Jaffria, Page No. 28)

39. Imamat is equal to Prophethood. (Tohfa-tul-Awaam, Page No. 7)